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Work Injuries Physical Therapy in Naples

Physical Therapy in NaplesSolex Physical Therapy in Naples, Florida, is the premier provider of industrial rehabilitation in Southwest Florida. We offer a wide range of employer and Workers Compensation client services to help injured workers recover and return to work as quickly as possible.

Despite considerable workplace safety improvements imposed by industry initiatives and government regulations in recent decades, nearly six million occupational injuries still occur each year.

In the United States alone, six out of every 100 workers will incur some kind of work-related injury this year.

Our specially trained and experienced physical therapists will work with our client’s physician and Workers’ Compensation team to hasten recovery and a successful return to work.

We offer a full range of employer services geared to dealing with and preventing employee injuries.

We prefer to establish a relationship with your firm prior to treating your injured workers. That is because many of our programs are specifically geared to preventing problems in the first place.

By providing workplace rehabilitation, educating employees on safe work habits, and creating environments where injuries are preventable, Solex really does go to work for you.

We are distinguished not only by our effectiveness in care, but also by these processes which make everything go smoother:

  • Fast Appointments – Your injured worker will see a physical therapist within 24-48 hours.
  • Customized Treatments – Based on the injured employee’s job description and our in-depth interview with them, our physical therapists will customize a program of care with return to work goals specific to the patient’s injury and on-the-job activities.
  • Efficient Case Handling – Our services extend far beyond treating the injured worker. We provide timely communication to all involved parties, including employers, primary physicians, case managers and legal representatives. In addition to our rehabilitation progress reports, we will provide 24-hour notice of patient cancellations or no-shows for scheduled appointments.
  •  We provide case managers with computerized documentation, timely communication and proper notation.

Our services include, but are not limited to:


Ergonomic Assessments

Our specially trained physical therapists will visit your workplace and identify risk factors that can lead to injuries, minimizing your claims and health care costs.

Because two out of every three American workers sit in front of a computer in their workplace, common injuries focus on repetitive strain issues like Carpal Tunnel syndrome, trigger finger and cervical and lumbar disorders.

Desks that are at improper heights and chairs that are inappropriate for the frame of the person sitting in them can all add up to time lost from the job.

We can also assist you in determining if a specific musculoskeletal disorder incurred by an employee is work-related.

Job Site Analysis

Our job site analysis is a cornerstone of an effective return to work program.

By doing a comprehensive analysis of the physical demands to be incurred on a client’s return to work, we can help your company establish objective return to work goals and identify light duty availability options for a smooth return to work.

Pre and Post Employment Testing

Our pre and post-employment testing provides Southwest Florida employers with a cost-effective solution to reduce their company’s injury cost and lower future Workers Compensation claims.

We provide employers with objective data on their employee’s ability to tolerate the essential physical demands of specific jobs.

Back Schools

We provide customized training to teach employees how to lift properly and protect themselves from back injuries on the job.

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Work Rehabilitation

At Solex Physical Therapy in Naples, FL, we specialize in the treatment of injured workers and offer a wide range of rehabilitative services.

We will meet with the injured worker and their health team, conduct a full assessment of the injuries, and prescribe a customized program of treatment designed to help you return to work as quickly as possible.

Our services include making suggestions about work hardening programs to ensure that when you do return to your normal work level, your injuries do not reoccur.


Work conditioning

Repeat muscular skeletal disorders cost private companies in the United States $10 billion a year.

Our customized functional return to work programs can help lower this cost.

We focus on rehabilitating return to work deficits while simultaneously providing improved employee productivity options at the time of return.

Our clients who follow our program have a higher than average successful return to work rate.

Functional Capacity Evaluations

A functional capacity evaluation refers to an assessment of an employee’s ability to perform certain jobs capably.

It is an essential part of most Workers Compensation and disability claims as well.

In the evaluation, our specially trained physical therapist will meet to conduct an interview with you and then perform a series of tests to see if you are physically suited to doing a particular job.

We will then analyze the results and present our recommendation.


On-site Physical Therapy

Solex Physical Therapy will take physical therapy directly to the workplace of our corporate clients.

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We offer corporate classes on stretching techniques to help prevent on-the-job injuries.

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Workers Compensation

As the premier industrial rehabilitation provider in Southwest Florida, Solex Physical Therapy is experienced in handling the care of injured workers and engaging in the process and documentation needed to handle Workers’ Compensation cases.

Our unique blend of clinical services, as outlined above, help us address the multifaceted challenges faced by adjustors, case managers, and employers while ensuring patient improvement and satisfaction.

We offer services in both English and Spanish and we offer extended operating hours until 7 p.m. from Monday to Friday to accommodate our working patients.

Our focus is on return to work goals, restoring prior level of function and patient motivation.  

We provide our case managers with computerized documentation, timely communication and proper notation.

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