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Physical Therapy

Solex Physical Therapy in Naples, Florida, is the premier outpatient physical therapy provider in Southwest Florida. We offer a wide range of physical therapy services to help you recover from injuries or conditions and get your normal level of activity back faster.  (239) 649-8001


Solex Physical Therapy in Naples FLPhysical Therapy

The trained, experienced and licensed physical therapists at Solex Physical Therapy in Naples, FL combine the latest scientific therapies with the traditional art of caring.

While we see commonalities in certain conditions, we treat each patient individually and offer a customized program of care and attention to suit your specific needs.

We are trained to look past your primary injury or concern to consider your long-term wellness with an eye to preventing your injury from recurring.

A large number of our patients come to see us because of orthopedic issues, meaning they are suffering from disorders of the bones, muscles, joints, ligaments, tendons, nerves and skin.

Physical therapy is also particularly effective in giving relief to patients suffering from back and neck pain.

About 80 percent of Americans experience acute or chronic back pain at some point in their lives, and about 50 percent suffer from neck pain. Both conditions negatively impact your quality of life and are among primary reasons for lost work days and missed social events.

The highly-trained and continually learning physical therapists at Solex Physical Therapy use the latest science and research to deliver quality techniques that ease your pain and help you get your life back faster.

In addition to treating sprains, strains and fractures, we also offer an excellent program to help you recover from joint replacement and other surgeries.

Research shows that having physical therapy both before and after surgery can lead to better surgical outcomes and quicker recovery periods.

Our physical therapists will work with your physician and surgeon as a team to help you increase your strength, activity and motion and hasten your complete recovery after surgery.

The mobility of upper and lower limbs is also enhanced with customized programs of physical therapy. Whether you are receiving hands on manual therapy, working with modalities, or embarking on a series of stretches and customized exercises, you will soon restore your range of motion and build your strength.

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