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Free Consultation

A complimentary consultation is an exam performed by a licensed physical therapist. The exam may include special orthopedic tests, range of motion testing, a balance evaluation and or manual muscle testing in order to help us provide you with medical options. Following your consultation, the therapist may recommend physical therapy, a consultation by a physician or simply provide you with a home exercise program.

Click here to read about Harvard's study on how physical therapy works as well as surgery for knee pain:

Click here to read about what Dr. Oz's number 1 solution for back and neck pain is…I'll give you a hint, it's physical therapy:

Click here to read how physical therapy helped 75% of patients with full rotator cuff tears avoid surgery:

We have helped patients avoid surgery for their shoulders, knees, necks and lower backs. For those patients who have ultimately required surgery, we have been there for them every step of the way to answer their questions and provide their rehab following their operation.

Call or email us today to schedule your complimentary consultation.

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