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Balance Center

If you endure frequent falls, dizziness, a feeling of imbalance or migraines, the services provided at Solex Physical Therapy’s Balance Center can help you.

You may be experiencing issues with your vestibular system that serves as your main balance system.

Your balance impacts every part of your normal activities, from bending over to put on your socks and shoes to washing your hair, riding your bike or even going grocery shopping.

Every year in the United States, one third of adults over the age of 65 experience balance disorders. Falls remain the leading cause of injury in older adults. Five percent of all falls lead to fractures and can be disabling.

Balance disorders can also cause you to endure shorter attention spans and disrupt your normal healthy sleep patterns.

Dizziness and vertigo also seriously impact your quality of life and make you afraid to go out alone and enjoy your life fully.

We can help correct balance disorders as well as gait issues that can lead to more severe problems if left untreated.

Your therapy starts with an extensive, individualized assessment to determine the cause (s) of your decreased balance. Posture, balance, strength, coordination and function are all addressed.

Our physical therapists will then develop a customized balance retraining program that includes conditioning and education.

Throughout your therapy program, you will be periodically re-assessed to monitor your improvements.

Therapies can include strengthening your key muscle groups, improving balance reactions, and integrating vision-sensation-vestibular information.

We will also help you deal with balance challenges in various environments such as curbs, uneven surfaces, changes in direction, and dim lighting.

We will give you the tools to regain control of your life, rebuild your self-esteem and prevent falls.

To book an appointment at our Balance Center, call 239-649-8001

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